The main aim of the hub is to focus on quality and build a strong, sustainable national network of motivated participants.


Activities and achievements of the HUB: The main activities of the hub are the following:

  1. Co-ordination of activities, professional presentations,
  2. Multi-stakeholder seminar with an aim to bring together the educators and entrepreneurs in order to initiate sustainable practices, implement ideas, etc.,
  3. Conference: thematic conference with guest speaker Assoc. Professor Tiiu Kuurme (TLU);
  4. Meetings, seminars with different stakeholders locally and nationwide to provide information about SDG and GAP, to introduce the goals of the hub, to identify the core group of the hub, to negotiate and plan activities of the hub, to discuss possible cooperation;
  5. PR, communication activities, media coverage activities: to ensure strategic and web-based communication, to make agreements with public media sources, to share information regarding the hub and its activities.


Target groups of the HUB, structure and collaboration: Educators, teachers, non-formal education specialists, municipality officials, parent organisations, and organisations dealing with fields connected to sustainable development.


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Contact for more: Statera Research and Practice Centre for Sustainability and Regional development, Pargi, 44 90506 Haapsalu, Läänemaa, Estonia, Rea Raus, +372 50 72 383,


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