Local Hub for Local Economy


Goal of the HUB: The Local Hub for Local Economy (LOHLE) aims at establishing a local hub for the support of a local, circular economy in the Archipelago region of SW Finland.


Activities of the HUB:

  1. Planning meeting represented by CLL and the three local associations;
  2. Workshop on the theme of the local economy;
  3. Meeting on local financing alternatives and projects;
  4. Preparation of a local economy introductory guide for the further work of the hub, with outlines of the local economy analysis of this region elaborated by the coordinator of the hub and local associations.



Target groups of the HUB, structure and collaboration: In general, the target groups of the hub are the local inhabitants, entrepreneurs and local authorities/municipality.


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Contact for more: Centre for Lifelong Learning, Åbo Akademi University, Fabriksgatan 2, FIN 20200 Turku, Johanna Fredenberg, +358 2 2154177,


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