Local hub of graduates of Daugavpils University

in Research and Education for Sustainability Education


Goal of the HUB: The purpose of the hub is to create a just and sustainable world in which every person can realise their rights. The specific aim of the hub is to promote social innovation for SD through education by SD tools.


Activities and achievements of the HUB:

  1. Discussions about human resources and selection of the head of the hub,
  2. Decisions about the development of the teachers’ network,
  3. Hubs’ network workshops in Research and Education for sustainability education (e.g. organisational meeting, pilot workshop, practical seminar for the introduction of action research)
  4. Elaboration of the concept of the hub,
  5. Partner meetings.


Target groups of the HUB, structure and collaboration: Hub’s network is designed by diverse local teams of DU graduates (educators, representatives of other professions, local community leaders, etc.).


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Contact for more: UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair at Daugavpils University, Prof. Ilga Salite, +371 29257455,


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