Local Hub on Strengthening Cooperation

for Implementing Sustainable Development Goals


The goal of the hub is to initiate a dialogue on the role of higher education institutions and schools and the specific activities to be implemented in promoting and implementing SDGs.


Activities and achievements of the HUB:

  1. Round table discussion about the role of formal education promoting SDGs;
  2. Consultations with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Education Development Centre, National Agency of School evaluation and Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on the 1st objective of the Global Action Programme for ESD;
  3. Preparation of recommendations for policy makers and practitioners for promoting SDGs within the formal education system based on desk analysis and conclusions of the round table discussion.


Target groups of the HUB, structure and collaboration: representatives of the expert institutions of the formal education system that supports decision-making processes, representatives of secondary schools, representatives of higher education institutions (universities and colleges).


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Contact for more: Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Lithuania, 9/2-17 Uzupio St., LT-01202 Vilnius, Lithuania, Kestutis Navickas; +370 5 255 9146;


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