St. Petersburg Hub for Sustainable Water and Coastal Development


The goal is to establish the St. Petersburg hub on sustainable water and coastal development on the basis of the Ecocentrum public information and demonstration centre.


Activities and achievements of the HUB:

  1. Communication to select and recruit participants of the hub, and disseminate information on the project results;
  2. Seminar for the stakeholders to discuss the key challenges and possible solutions, to plan opportunities for collaboration and joint activities;
  3. Training of River Watch leaders on the public water and coastal monitoring and public involvement in sustainable solutions;
  4. Seminar for educators (both school and NGO) on how to introduce sustainable development issues into their educational activities.
  5. Produce printed materials that are a translation of the key principles of the BS region network for ESD, publication of the local hub experience.


Target groups of the HUB: educators (both school teachers and NGOs), scientists, municipal authorities, water related officials, journalists, deputies of the St. Petersurg Legislative Assembly.


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Contact for more: Friends of the Baltic (St. Petersburg Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Environmental Organisation), 12-101 Razvodnaya Street, Petergof, St. Petersburg, 198516, Russia, Olga Senova, +7-921-9117986,


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